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Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Use your keyboard and mouse to move through a real-time 3D replica of a Grace House bedroom and explore the facilities on offer for your stay. You can play with the lights, and splash some colour on the walls too!


Move: Use the W, A, S, D keys on your keyboard to move forward backwards, left and right. If it’s easier, you can use the arrow keys too.

Turn: Hold down the left mouse-button and move your mouse to turn around.

Full-screen: Right-click using your mouse anywhere inside the environment and click the full-screen option. Et viola.


Having Problems?

Using a smartphone or tablet?
This virtual tour is only available on PC and Mac computers; mobile and tablet devices are currently unsupported, but a dedicated app is coming soon.

Using Chrome?
Google no longer support the NPAPI plugins which enable this virtual tour to work. We recommend using another browser, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari.

Tour not downloading
Please ensure you have installed the Unity Web-Player Plugin for your PC or Mac computer. It takes around seven seconds and only ever needs to be completed once. You can download the web-player plugin, here: