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  • Services for children, young people and families

Services for children, young people and families

Grace House offers a wide range of activities which children and young people can participate in. There are opportunities for the children and young people to go on outings to the shops, parks, coast, restaurants and participate in leisure activities, which can be accessed by public transport.

The staff team at Grace House plan regular events and activities, some of which are on a rolling programme, so if an event or activity occurs outside a planned stay, there is always an opportunity to participate at another time. In addition, the staff team always seize the opportunity to plan things spontaneously in conjunction with children and young people and will always tailor these to suit their wishes. 

We have the use of a fully adapted minibus which will enable us to offer a range of transport options for the children.

There is a choice of indoor activities such as television, DVDs, board games, games consoles (X Box and Wii), books, toys, iPads, arts & craft equipment, as well as a fully equipped and interactive multi-sensory room, soft-play area and music room.

Children and young people staying at Grace House will also have access to a computer suite equipped with specialist, educational and assistive technologies and software providing them the opportunity to learn, play and to be creative, communicate and control something for themselves.

Grace House also has a ‘Beamz’ system, an ‘innovative tool to use music-making for extraordinary engagement and to accelerate therapeutic outcomes. Just listening to music provides most people great benefits for brain fitness, memory recall and improving communication. Interacting with music, adding movement and engaging in the activity of making music enables even greater benefits for cognition, socialisation and motivation.’

Widget Communicate in Print2 software is used by staff at Grace House, alongside objects of reference and augmentative technology, such as buttons and switches, to create a total communication environment that children of all levels and styles of communication can participate.

There is a fully accessible soft-play area creating a perfect place for children with additional needs to push their physical boundaries and to explore and learn in a safe environment. There are brightly coloured steps, dens and slides. Interactive soft-play provides an exciting and ever changing world of challenging obstacles to be explored which reward with auditory feedback to encourage mobility and expression.

To find out if Grace House overnight short break service might be suitable for your child, contact us 0191 597 9191 or email


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