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  • Outcomes for children and younger people

Outcomes for children and younger people

All children who come to Grace House can expect to have a great time, being cared for by well trained staff, who want to make sure that the children have a fantastic time while their families can relax and have a break from caring. When children stay with us, our main priority is that they enjoy themselves, and feel a sense of achievement from trying new things and having their own goals to work on.

Children and young people will be well cared for. They will be safe at Grace House and will get to know the staff team, having their own key worker who knows them particularly well. They will feel part of the group, making a contribution to decisions about activities every day, as well as bigger decisions like what toys to buy.

To find out if Grace House overnight short break service might be suitable for your child, contact us 0191 597 9191 or email


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