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Our Story - Written by Tracey Huggins #parttwo

09 February 2021

Delilah was born in March 2012 at a wonderful 9lb 3oz... to me that was huge! The midwife the day before giving birth at a check up scan had said she was a lovely juicy baby and a good size... meaning huge. She meant that my baby was huge and didn’t want to scare me haha! I’d been in hospital a lot during pregnancy with no explanation.

I just knew there was something not right, we had miscarried a couple of month before falling pregnant with Delilah so thought I was just scaring myself and I was just very anxious but turns out it was mothers instinct! There was no signs of complications in the birth, everything seemed to have gone according to plan except ‘a bit dry skin’. You see, Delilah was overdue by 5 days and when your baby is over due they can be born with quite dry skin, this is due to (and this is my midwives technical terminology here) being ‘overcooked’ haha!
We were sent on our way with advice to massage her skin with some olive oil after her baths and that was it. We went home a happy new blended family of 5... that was it, I was done I thought! With three children, a Labrador, a working full time husband and my parents that lived next door I had enough to keep me content. I took a sigh of relief, she was home and we were happy.
Welcome to the wonderfully special club, that no one asks to be in.
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