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Our Story - Written by Tracey Huggins #partthree

16 February 2021

Delilah was about 4 month old when we realised that the dry skin she had from birth wasn’t leaving and that she seemed to be if anything, becoming worse. By this point she also wasn’t reaching any of the obvious milestones, she wasn’t trying to hold her head for long or attempting to sit up. They say you should never compare children, they say every child is different and as a mum of three now I knew this very well. But the thing is, EVERYONE compares their children, you try not to but you can’t help it. It happens.

My niece had been born just 11 days before Delilah and I just knew there was something not right. I had spoke to our health visitor and everyone in the family agreed that she may need a check up. I will never forget this part, we went to see our local GP on the Thursday, after speaking to the Dr she had agreed Delilah was a little delayed but nothing significant and that she would need to see a dermatologist and sent us on our way. The Saturday afternoon we had a hand delivered letter asking us to call the Niall Quinn centre to speak to a paediatrician there and to arrange our daughters MRI.
Thats when the panic set it but you try and reassure each other that all will be well. Its just a check up. I was wrong.
Welcome to the wonderfully special club, that no one asks to be in.
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