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Network for Good

19 March 2021

Grace House is delighted to announce the launch of our new business club, Network for Good.

Join us for the launch of Network for Good with Guest Speaker, Nevil Tynemouth.

Nevil will be exploring your personal impact and breaking the barriers in your way

"Have you ever noticed how people (including you) can be, let’s say, inconsistent? Have you ever observed any of your teams avoiding doing the things that they know they should be doing? Do YOU ever find yourself avoiding the things you really should be doing?

If so, this session helps to open your eyes to new ideas and possibilities while breaking down the major barriers that are holding you back.

In this session you will gain a greater understanding of what makes you and your team succeed and helps you to improve your personal and business performance. "

This is a free event but if you would like to become a member of Network for Good please contact Laura, for more information.

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24 November 2021

WL Distillery have been knitting up quite a ginpire over the year with their award-winning range, and now their signature bottles will be taking on a festive twist this season to support Sunderland based charity, Grace House.

The inspiration for WL Distillery comes from the founder and Managing Director, Scott Wilson-Laing spending his summers in his grandad’s garden, and now Scott has called in extra support this season from his Nana to support a charity very close to his heart.


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