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Joanne - One Space, Your Place

01 August 2017

Joanne, lives in Southwick, Sunderland. Has a husband, and 4 children: Two of her daughters have disabilities, they are aged 15yr and 17yr old. Joanne started to access the therapy sessions in January 2017. She regularly visits one of our Grace House therapists. Joanne said the therapist make her feel extremely comfortable and relaxed, and that she had a lovely personality.

The OPYS project has had a huge effect on various aspects of Joanne’s life. Joanne has suffered very badly with pain in her back and prior to the therapies was taking 8 painkillers a day to relieve the pain. Since having regular back massages (every fortnight) she now has very little, to no pain and has stopped all pain relief tablets – to which she said is down to the therapies she has received.

Her improvement in her back has led to her being able to pick up new hobbies and she now attends the gym and swimming on a regular basis, with her husband. Due to this, Joanne and her husband are spending a lot more time together as they go to the gym with each other and motivate each other. Prior to this project, Joanne and her husband never made the effort to spend time together.

As a direct effect of the above, as well as Joanne starting a healthy eating diet in November 2016, she has, to date, lost 45 pounds and her husband has also lost 2 stone.

Joanne also talked, very openly, about her mental health and how prior to this project she was taking multiple tablets a day. Two of which were anti-depressants and sleeping tablets. Due to the vast improvement in her health and wellbeing, she has now reduced her medication.

Grace House asked Joanne on a scale of 1 – 10 (1 being poor and 10 being excellent) how she was feeling at the start of the OPYS project and how she was feeling now and she said the following:

“When I started, I was a 1. I was in a really really bad place. But I am now a 10! I don’t think people realise just how much it has changed me. I’m amazed at how positive my life has turned around”.  My husband and I spend time together now, something that we never made time to do in the past. The girls are more stable and me feeling better has helped me be able to cope better”.

In relation to the outcomes stated above, Joanne also said; “I would have never been able to join the gym because of the pain in my back, and only because of the therapies I have been able to do so.”

Joanne has recommended the service to her friend who also has 2 disabled children. She has recommended the Grace House due to her positive experience

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