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Halloween Party with Aarron Lodge Entertainment

31 October 2020

Aarron Lodge Entertainment, will be hosting a virtual Halloween Kids Party on October 31st.

The party will be stream live on Twitch, while you are not required to have an account with Twitch to watch the party, if you wish to comment on the feed to interact with us, you will require a twitch account. These are free and twitch can be viewed on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, If you are using an android or IOS device, please download the Twitch App.


Once payment has been received you will be added to a facebook group, (keep a look out for your invite notification)
once you have been added to the group there will be details information, on some of the things required to enable us to do certain games with the children.

Please remember as this is a virtual party, we would ask the adults to become the judges of any games and competitions we may have, and therefore it is vital you have some prizes to give the children during the party.

We are asking for a £3 donation, per device, remember we are holding this party to raise money for the wonderful people at Grace House, if you can donate more that £3 please increase the QTY amount, and donate what you can.

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