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Grace House Wish List

07 May 2015

Thank you to our supporters who bought a gift from our John Lewis list and helped turn our lovely building into a cosy home from home...

Sue Stott, Jackie and Christian Gardner, Maureen Eccles, the Empsons, Monica Dawson, Lesley Somers, Linda Flood, Carol Cummings, Lisa Farrell, Keith Gilroy, Keith Brannagan, Jackie and John Brannagan, Philip Barrass, Margaret Minto, Jemma Hutchinson, Carole Almond, Mandy and Alan Playle, John Carter, the McAdam family, Volvo Truck, Washington, Eileen Edwards, Lesley and Mickey, Jules Preston, Eunice and Ron Middleton, Teresa and Les Bellenie, Covance Laboratories, Alnwick, Jennie Scarr, Freda Fleming, Mr and Mrs Lorimer, Jean Malia, Phil Dale, Linda Harding, Mr and Mrs Mcdonald, Ian Widdrington, DCLG, John Carter, Fiona Hird, Christine Forsyth, Maureen Lindsley, and Valerie and Malcolm Stewart.

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