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Got an idea to raise money for us? Already got a place on the Great North Run, London Marathon or similar event, and want to make us your charity? Want to support a local, disabled children's charity and need help to get started?

As well as our own ideas we also love to hear about our supporters and their fundraising activities. We like to ensure that all of our supporters are having as much fun as possible whilst raising funds for our specialist children's short break care centre. Email us with your news and stories

Schools and Universities

There are many different ways that schools can become involved with Grace House. We would be delighted to come along to talk to staff and students at your school assembly about how you can make a difference. Any university students or groups wishing to raise money for Grace House should get in touch to find out about all the ways we can support you. We can also help provide collection tins, posters and tickets etc to help

For ideas, fundraising tips, and help with the media, online giving, sponsor forms and anything else, get in touch or contact senior fundraiser Karen Maclennan on 0191 435 2088 or 07956 566269.

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