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5 into 50 Business Challenge

31 March 2021

£5 into £50 Business Challenge!


How far can you make £5 go? Challenge your team to turn £5 into £50 and make a difference to disabled children across our region!

All you have to do is loan your team members £5 each and ask them to fundraise throughout March to make £50! Could yo buy ingredients to make cakes and hold a cake sale, could you buy prizes and hold a raffle or even host an event if you can make £5 stretch that far! Test your ingenuity and have fun!

If you have a lot of staff members why not split into teams, 4 members per team get £20, 6 members in a team get £30 and see who raises the most? Then at the end of March simply take your £5 back and donate the rest to Grace House!

To register your interest simply click on the link below and Laura will send out a pack with ideas to get you started.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Laura on or call 07818488040.

Good luck!

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